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Afriq*Access, Inc.

Company Profile

Founded in 1991, Afriq*Access, Inc. is a privately held, Washington, DC-based digital communications and information company. Its mission is to spread internetworking technologies, services and products among African-American and African users and customers. Afriq*Access, Inc. also offers standard and advanced Internet products and services worldwide.

Afriq*Access, Inc. is an Internet trailblazer and leader for Africa. It is

  • a pioneer member of the Internet Society, the umbrella organization coordinating the activities of the Internet’s core bodies, the evolution of technical protocols and standards, legal and administrative issues, and the expansion of the global network;
  • a US-based Internet Content and Service Provider with a single hop link to high-speed backbones providing fast and reliable connectivity.

Services and Products

Afriq*Access, Inc. offers end-users and customers a broad range of services and products pertaining to connectivity, online content, training and consulting.


Afriq*Access, Inc. is building AfriqNet(tm), a global Internet access and service network, and a second-tier Internet Service Provider licensed to provide domestic and international coverage. AfriqNet® holds and manages a Class B ( TCP/IP Network Address space, assigned in 1993. Access speed includes low, medium and high data rates. On-demand bandwidth and guaranteed quality of service are available to meet customers needs and requirements. AfriqNet® implements non-proprietary computing technologies and open networking standards and protocols for Web publishing, email, news, e-commerce/EDI, webcasting, and Distance learning. Our customer base includes intranet, extranets and Internet sites. AfriqNet® is also opening channels of communication on various satellite systems for the provision of international data, voice, audio and video service within Africa and between the U.S. and African countries. Guinea*Access, the first of Afriq*Access, Inc. subsidiaries, has full licensing from the Republic of Guinea to provide domestic and international value-added communications services on the Intelsat satellite network.


Afriq*Access, Inc. is a content producer and distributor for business, education, entertainment, and enlightenment. Our main product is webAFRIQA®, a federation of web sites publishing accurate data, relevant information and valued knowledge about the historical experience of African societies and the Diaspora. Presently webAFRIQA® includes the following sites:

  1. webAfriqa
  2. webGuinée
  3. Camp Boiro Memorial
  4. webFuuta
  5. webPulaaku
  6. webMande
  7. webCôte
  8. webForêt
  9. AfriXML
  10. BlogGuinée

More sites will be announced, reflecting the growth and expansion of webAFRIQA®, which integrates and publishes static and dynamic data types (text, audio, video) on the World Wide Web, on CD-ROM, and other media. webAFRIQA® will gradually evolve into a web portal on Africa and the Diaspora.

Consulting and Training

Afriq*Access, Inc. offers consulting and training services. Its expertise covers

  • Linux TCP/IP LAN planning, implementation, management
  • World Wide Web publishing: Content Management Systems, online databases, webcasting

Afriq*Access, Inc. is actively involved in ongoing Internet projects for Africa, namely the Leland Initiative and the UNDP Project. Afriq*Access, Inc. has participated as a resource-entity to the field campaign for the UNDP regional project RAF/96/002 – Support to the Development of Internet Services in sub-Saharan Africa in cooperation with ECA, the World Bank and USAID. It attended the seminars held in Bissau (October 1996), Libreville (March 1997), and Abuja (April 1997). As a consultant to the Leland Initiative, Afriq*Access, Inc. was part of the team of instructors who trained (Abidjan, March 24 to April 4, 1997), the Leland gateways managers from seven countries on UNIX network administration.

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