G.W. Harley/Notes on the Poro in Liberia


G.W. Harley
Notes on the Poro in Liberia

Papers of the Peabody Museum of American Archeology and Ethnology
Harvard University. Vol. XIX, no. 2
Cambridge, Mass. 1941. 39 p., XIV Pl. h.-t .


  • Introduction
  • The poro in Liberia
    • Tribal Distribution
    • Some Details of Operation of the Poro in the Mano Tribe
    • The Poro Among the G£h People
    • Entertainers and Special Spirits
    • The Poro of the Gio Tribe
    • The Poro in Other Tribes
    • The Sande Society for Girls
    • The Powerful Inner Circle of the Poro
  • Bibliography
  • Catalogue numbers for specimens

List of illustrations


  1. Map of Liberia showing distribution of the Poro
  2. Dandai
  3. Chart of social authority trends showing dominance of the Poro over all of society


  1. Masks from the Mandingo, Gio and Mano tribes.
  2. Masks from the Mano tribe.
  3. Masks from the Mano tribe.
  4. Masks from the Mano tribe.
  5. Masks from the Geh tribe.
  6. Masks from the Gèh tribe.
  7. Masks from the Gèh tribe
  8. Masks from the Geh tribe.
  9. Masks from the Gio tribe.
  10. Masks from the Gio tribe.
  11. Masks from the Kra, Konor and Gio Konor tribes.
  12. Masks
    1. Sande mask, Kra tribe
    2. Janus mask, Gola tribe.
  13. Masks
    1. Janus staff; Kra tribe
    2. Headdress worn by god of war, Konor tribe
    3. Mask worn by dancers and entertainers, Mano tribe
  14. Masks
    1. Masked dancer from Monrovia
    2. Entrance to Poro
    3. Masked dancers on stilts
    4. Masked dancers on stilts
    5. Scarifying knife and razor
    6. Scarifying knife and razor
    7. Whistle used in making « voice of the spirit. »