First American Ambassador to Guinea/Contents

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John Howard Morrow (1910-2000)
First American Ambassador to Guinea

New Brunswick, NJ. Rutgers University Press. 1968. 291 p.

John H. Morrow taking the oath of office at the State Department
Washington, D.C. June 22, 1959. Amb. John Morrow
takes the oath of office in presence of Secretary of State
Christian E. Herter.

See also: The International League for Human Rights’
Communication on Gross Violations of Human Rights
and Fundamental Freedoms in Guinea




  1. The Call
  2. Preparations for Departure
  3. Beginning of a Mission
  4. Meeting Touré
  5. At Work in Guinea
  6. With Touré in America
  7. Guinea’s Struggle for Survival
  8. Never a Dull Moment
  9. Guinea: Crossroads of Sub-Saharan Africa
  10. Soviet Shortsightedness
  11. Visiting Americans
  12. American Shortsightedness
  13. End of a Mission