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Jean Suret-Canale
Essays on African History: From the Slave Trade to Neocolonialism


Preface by Basil Davidson
Author’s Preface
Translator’s Note

  • Traditional Societies in Tropical Africa and the Concept of the ‘Asiatic Mode of Production’; Marxism and the Study of African Societies
  • The Social and Historical Significance of the Peul Hegemonies in the Seventeenth, Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries
  • The Context and Social Consequences of the African Slave Trade
  • Senegambia at the Time of the Slave Trade
  • Anticolonialism in France under the Third Republic: Paul Vigné d’Octon
  • Guinea in the Colonial System
  • The End of Chieftaincy in Guinea
  • Colonisation, Decolonisation and the Teaching of History: Case of Black Africa
  • An Unrecognised Pioneer of the Democratic and National Movement in Africa: Louis Hunkanrin (1887-1964)
  • The Geography of Capital in the Parts of Tropical Africa under French Influence

Bibliography of Works by Jean Suret-Canale concerning Africa

  • West Africa
  • Guinea