Bloody Monday. The September 28 Massacre

Bloody Monday
The September 28 Massacre and Rapes
by Security Forces in Guinea

Human Rights Watch December 2009

Table of Contents

  • Map of Guinea
  • Map of Conakry
  • Map of the September 28 Stadium and Surrounding Area
  • Summary
  • Recommendations
  • Methodology
  1. Background
  2. Prelude to Massacre at the September 28 Stadium
    Choosing a Date for the Opposition Rally
    Morning March to the Stadium and Attempts by Security Forces to Block Opposition Supporters Shooting of Unarmed Protesters by Gendarmes near the Stadium  Clashes at Hamdalaye and Bellevue Crossroads  Attempt to Block Opposition Leaders from Entering the Stadium
  3. Massacre at the September 28 Stadium Attack on Rally Participants by Security Forces inside the Stadium Pursuit of Rally Participants by Security Forces outside the Stadium  Attack by Presidential Guard on Opposition Leaders
  4. Rape and Other Sexual Assault by Security Forces Women Killed by Security Forces during or after Sexual Assault Extreme Brutality during Sexual Assaults Rape with Foreign Objects  Abduction and Rape  Psychological Impact of Rape  Command Responsibility for Sexual Violence
  5. Attacks by Presidential Guard on the Homes of Opposition Leaders
  6. Government Cover-Up of the Massacre Intimidation of Journalists  Removal of Bodies from the Stadium and Morgues and Burial in Mass Graves
  7. Military Takeover of Donka Hospital
  8. Attacks on Opposition Neighborhoods by Military and Civilian Militia
  9. Arbitrary Detentions and Abuses in Detention  Abuses at Camp Koundara  Abuses at Camp Alpha Yaya Diallo
  10. International Response to the September Violence
  11. Need for Accountability: Identifying the Main Perpetrators of the September Violence
    Legal Considerations
    Crimes against Humanity
    Command Responsibility
    Right to Accountability
    National Efforts at Accountability for the September Violence
    Individuals Whose Criminal Responsibility Should Be Investigated
    CNDD President Captain Moussa Dadis Camara
    Presidential Guard and Their Commanders
    Anti-Drug and Anti-Organized Crime Unit of the Gendarmes
    Mobile Intervention and Security Force (CMIS)


Note. Under the title Un lundi sanglant. Le massacre et les viols commis par les forces de sécurité en Guinée le 28 septembre, the French version of this Human Rights Watch Report is available also at the Camp Boiro Memorial library.

Tierno S. Bah