1st Communiqué


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Coup d’Etat du 3 avril 1984

Official Statement of
the Military Committee of National Recovery

People of Guinea,

It is in great fervour that you finally recognized one of your most prestigious sons to which Africa and the entire world has paid a deserved tribute.
The immortal work of Ahmed Sekou Toure would have been to lead our country to national independence and to influence on the African and international plan your noble ideals and aspirations. However, if on the foreign plan his work was crowned by success, it is not in the same manner on the domestic plan where under the influence of certain of his dishonest companions and under the feudal pressure of his family, your hopes of seeing created a society more fair and equitable have taken flight, so soon swept away by a bloody and merciless dictatorship which crushed your luminous hope.
Today, even though you didn’t even dry your tears, a harsh struggle for his succession was begun among his companions in whose hands was the spotted blood of too many innocents, his companions greedy for power and guilty of the generalized corruption of the government and its Institutions.
Your national Army which remained always faithful to you and which always shared your lot in the discipline and in the abnegation during those 26 years of a painful pilgrimage, thus decided to take charge of the Administration of the country in order to create a true democracy, avoiding in the future all personal dictatorship. This is the place of placing ourselves very respectfully before the memory of all the worthy sons who during the course of those 26 years of our independence lost their lives for the simple act of having wanted to express their opinion on the future of the country.
We promise firmly that these martyrs will be rehabilitated and immortalized in our history.
In the immediate future, and until this new order, the following measures go into effect:

  • All the Organizations of the Party are dissolved.
  • The Constitution is suspended.
  • The National Assembly is dissolved.
  • All the mass Organizations are forbidden.
  • The Airways Terminals and boundaries are closed to all traffic.
  • The rallying of persons is forbidden.
  • A curfew from 10:00 pm -6:00 in the morning adopted within the country.
  • The Commands of the Military Zones are within the functions of the general Governors of their Provinces who have responsibility to provide the military Governors with their areas of jurisdiction. In addition they must guarantee the co-ordination between the services of security: Police, State Police Force, Customs, Guard, Militia and Army in order to establish the foundation of the new Administration.

The Military Committee of National Recovery, having done only its duty, in appealing to the sense of discipline and order which always characterized our People in order that no act of violence is undertaken against any citizen’s rights, in guaranteeing its determination to banish forever from the country corruption, treachery, demagogy, and concretizing thus the siglum of our emblem: Work-Justice- Solidarity.
It remains understood that as of today, each citizen must stay in his residence.
– No work
– No dealing, no commerce.

Long live the glorious People of Guinea !
Long live the Republic!

The Military
Committee of National Recovery April 3, 1984

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